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Boat   Bad Attitude
Built   Bad Attitude Racing
Driver   Paul Madill
Class   Blown Alcohol Displacement
Hull   22 foot Bad Attitude Racing carbon fibre
Capsule   Bad Attitude Racing carbon / kevlar
Chassis   Inconnel Custom fabricated by Bad Attitude Racing
Power Plant   Multiple
Block   610 cubic inch C.N Billet Block
5" bore spacing
Crank   Velasco Billet
Bore/Stroke   Bore 4.750 inches
Rods   Brooks billet aluminium
Pistons   Venolia
Camshaft   1" high 60mm LSM
Lifters   Crane
Timing Gear   Jessel Belt Drive
Oil Pump   Peterson 5 Stage
Sump   Moroso Custom 4 Stage
Fuel Pump   Waterman Billet 27 gallons per minute
Injection   Motec M4800 Electronic Fully Programmable
Injectors   Motec Mega Flow x 20
Injector Hat   Carbon Fibre
Inlet manifold   Hogan fabricated aluminium sheet metal
Super Charger   PSI D SERIES, screw supercharger
Supercharger Pulleys   GT 8 mm
Supercharger Belt   8mm Gates gt
Ignition   M.S.D 10 Plus
Heads   Hemi wedge
Valves   Manley titanium
Rocker Gear   T & D  shaft rockers
Rocker Covers   Billet aluminium
Horse Power   2800
Steering Wheel   Momo
Dash   Motec
Seat   Cobra carbon fibre
Wing   Carbon fibre "Top Fuel"
V Drive   R.B Props
Propellers   R.B Props
Propeller Shafts   R.B Props 1⅛" (one and one eigth inches)
Cav Gear   Bad Attitude Racing custom
Trailer   Fully polished custom trailer. Fabricated by Bad Attitude Racing
Paint   Adrian Marchio of Airbrushworld





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